Hej stranger. This namespace is currently only used in PTR, SOA and other RRs. Therefore, I assume that you are looking for technical details, legal information or just a way to contact me. Well. Here you are.

Public Services \o/

Jabber / XMPP
Just use the in-band registration in your favourite jabber client with, or Hint: Try the service discovery on
Etherpad Lite
collaborative text editing

You may find other stuff on my personal website.

Servers and Locations

I operate servers in various different locations. To be more precise, I currently host services at Xirra in Nuremberg (DE), on RamNode's servers in Alblasserdam (NL-ZH) and in Milano (IT) at IperWeb. Services which are currently hosted at different locations will slowly be moved to the existing servers or hosted on new nodes. I also share some services with other people to save costs and offer even better services. If you want to use some of my idling resources or share some of yours, just drop me an email or give me a call. :-)


  • Germany – Nuremberg – xirra – Core-Backbone
  • C2D, 8GB RAM, 2x1T, 100Mbit/s
  • VMs: altair,,
  • This VM is hosted on fidelia and is used by me.
  • Primary MX, DNS master and slave,, xmpp (prosody), …
  • I provide the infrastructure and do the administration thingy. I've also written some of the software running on it.
  • Radio GFM, $sounds, liquidsoap (<3) , icecast, forwarding MX, …
  • The Netherlands – Alblasserdam, NL-ZH – RamNode — WeservIT – Dataplace B.V.
  • KVM, 512M RAM, 50G with SSD cache
  • DNS slave, backup MX, hosting and services for the Hackspace Marburg, [hsmr]
  • Italy – Milano – IperWeb – CDLAN – Via Caldera 21
  • KVM, 256M RAM, 10G on SSD
  • DNS slave, backup MX, HTTP cache, icecast relay

Contact Customer Care Services
PGP key: 0x706677DB91C3EFE9
OTR fingerprint: ED3357E3 3DBB1203 2FC280FC 02413A12 A8D59CDA
Phone: +49 6458 2279 500 1

For urgent matters please contact our service centre at


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Oleander Reis
Marburger Str. 2
35119 Rosenthal

FAX: +49 6458 5084999

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